1841 Census Transcript – Chepstow Union Workhouse

Workhouses and Poor Law fascinates me, so I couldn’t help but take a look at the census returns for various workhouses.  Here is my transcription of the 1841 Census for Chepstow Union Workhouse.

Name Sex Age Occ. Place of birth
LEWIS, Joseph M 40 Master
LEWIS, Elizabeth F 40 Matron Monmouthshire
LEWIS, Winefred F 15 School Mistress
HODGE, Richard M 85 Pauper Monmouthshire
MARTINS, Edward M 75 Butcher Monmouthshire
MORGAN, Thomas M 70 Labourer Monmouthshire
PRITCHARD, Henry M 20 Labourer Monmouthshire
TOVEY, George M 65 Labourer
JONES, Thomas M 50 Labourer Monmouthshire
EVANS, Ann F 45 None Monmouthshire
YOUNG, Sarah F 60 Charwoman
YOUNG, Ann F 20 Charwoman
PYE, Martha F 60 None
COLLINS, Mary Ann F 25 None
BODY, Hannah F 35 None
WALKER, Lydia F 85 Shoebinder
ATTEWELL, Mary F 30 Servant Monmouthshire
PRICE, Ellen F 20 Servant Monmouthshire
HANND, Jane F 75 None Monmouthshire
CASHEN, Edwin M 8 None Monmouthshire
JONES, John M 9 None Monmouthshire
STIDDER, Thomas M 4 None Monmouthshire
BAKER, Charlotte F 10 None Monmouthshire
HAYDEN, Cordelia F 6 None
JAMES, Sarah F 10 None Monmouthshire
VAUGHN, Ann F 14 None
PERRY, Harriet F 13 None
COLLONY, Mary Ann F 6 None Monmouthshire
JACKSON, Ann F 14 Servant Monmouthshire
MORETON, Alfred M 12 None
PURTON, Elizabeth F 35 Servant
JACKSON, James M 65 Gardener
FAWLE, Charles M 20 Painter
JOHNSON, Benjamin M 15 Labourer Monmouthshire
PEAT, Henry M 20 Seaman
JELFEN, Joseph M 20 Hawker
JELFEN, Frances F 20 None
JELFEN, David M 1 None
REEVES, Daniel M 30 Labourer
GUTHRIE, Robert M 75 Gardener
JONES, Margaret F 3 None Monmouthshire
JONES, Maria F 25 Servant
JONES, Ellen F 5w None Monmouthshire
WARD, Hannah F 15 Servant
TAYLOR, George M 9 None
WARD, Mary F 50 Charwoman
WARD, Joseph M 11 None
HAWKINS, Mary Ann F 25 Servant
MARTIN, Amelia F 20 Servant
PRICHARD, Ann F 4w None Monmouthshire
MARTIN, Jane F 3 None Monmouthshire
MADDOX, John M 11 None
MORSE, Ann F 30 None
BENNETT, Emma F 35 Servant
BENNETT, Samuel M 1 None
DIBDEN, Maria F 35 None
DAVIS, Theophilius M 10 None
DAVIS, Cornelius M 8 None
DAVIS, Edward M 5 None
ELLIS, Catherine F 85 None Monmouthshire
LEWIS, John M 85 Labourer Monmouthshire
EDWARDS, Ann F 15 None Monmouthshire
FLEETWOOD, Maria F 25 Servant Monmouthshire
SHEDWICK, Robert M 6 None Monmouthshire
MOULTON, Ann F 75 None
JONES, Elias M 15 Labourer
MOULTON, Mary F 35 None
LEWIS, Thomas M 75 Labourer
WHEELER, James M 11 None Monmouthshire
ELY, Ann F 30 Charwoman
ELY, Sarah F 7 None
ELY, William M 5 None
ELY, Edward M 3 None
JONES, Eliza F 12 None Monmouthshire
FISHER, Francis M 50 Labourer Monmouthshire
WILLIAMS, Hannah F 35 None
WASSELL, Elizabeth F 11 None
HIGGS, John M 11 None
HIGGS, Richard M 9 None
VAUGHN, Mary F 30 Charwoman
VAUGHN, Ann F 11 None
VAUGHN, Mary F 3 None
VAUGHN, James Parker M 1 None Monmouthshire
VAUGHN, Ellen F 7 None
BENNETT, Hannah F 20 Servant
BENNETT, James M 1 None Monmouthshire
HOPKIN, Edward M 70 Labourer
PRICE, Elizabeth F 30 Mainserver
HOPKIN, Ellen F 15 Servant
ELY, Esther F 20 Servant
ELY, William M 1 None
HOPKIN, James M 30 Labourer
HOPKIN, Martha F 35 Servant
HOPKIN, Caraline F 1 None
POWELL, Mary F 50 None Monmouthshire
WILLIAMS, Isaac M 6 None
STEPHENS, William M 80 Mason
JONES, William M 35 Labourer Monmouthshire
BELL, Ellias M 20 Labourer Monmouthshire
MOXLEY, Mary F 20 Servant Monmouthshire
JOHN, Esther F 50 None Monmouthshire
HUGHES, Ann F 35 None
HARRIS, Maria F 12 None Monmouthshire
HARRIS, Ellen F 20 Servant Monmouthshire
PARRY, Mary Ann F 25 None Monmouthshire
BROWN, Elizabeth F 25 Servant Monmouthshire
PRICE, Richard M 8 None Monmouthshire
HEAR, Thomas M 75 Labourer
JENKINS, Elizabeth F 45 Charwoman
JENKINS, Mary Ann F 8 None
JENKINS, Sarah F 6 None
JENKINS, Henry M 4 None
BANNS, Patrick M 65 Labourer
HESSER, Jane F 80 Charwoman Monmouthshire
PRICHARD, Ann F 25 Charwoman Monmouthshire
PRICHARD, John M 6 None Monmouthshire
PRICHARD, William M 2 None Monmouthshire

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