What do you do?

A question that comes up frequently when meeting new people is the age old, What do you do?  Regardless of how well I plan my answer to the next person, I always stumble over my words.


Being a stay at home Mum to two young children (my boy is 6 while my girl is 2), my life revolves around them.  I don’t work in a conventional job and I spend my “spare” time writing.  I have written various blogs over the last 2.5 years but it has taken me a while to find my comfort zone.  But I’m still not sure what I am.


I have a myriad of interests, most of them relating to history in some way.  I enjoy reading and writing.  Both useful in terms of family history research, I’m not a fantastic writer and certainly will not be the next big Historian.  I mostly read non-fiction or period fiction (but I do have a taste for detective novels).

I enjoy solving puzzles whether it is a Sudoku puzzle, word search or locating a missing ancestor.

I enjoy blogging and extend this to blogging about my ancestors.


However, none of these answer the question, “what do you do?”.


To sum me up, I’m a carer, a cleaner, a laundress, a cook, a student, an amateur historian, a writer, a blogger and most importantly I am me.  I descend from ag labs, butchers, carpenters, farmers, lace makers, miners and tin workers.  I am Welsh with Welsh, English and Mediterranean heritage and I am proud of my working class roots.


What do you do?

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