AWOL Ancestors – Elizabeth Aldridge

Elizabeth Aldridge was born around 1818 in Wivenhoe, Essex, England. She died during the fourth quarter of 1894 in Lexden Registration District, Essex. When she was 19, she married George Hazell, the son of John Hazell and Hannah Maria Rudd, 28 Jul 1837 in Wivenhoe, Essex.

Elizabeth remained in Wivenhoe, Essex her whole life bringing up her children while her husband, George, worked at home and abroad as a Mariner.

George Hazell and Elizabeth Aldridge had the following children:

  1. George Joseph Hazell was born in 1846 in Wivenhoe, Essex. He died 21 Sep 1923 in Wivenhoe, Essex.
  2. Henry George Hazell was born on 23 Mar 1838 in Wivenhoe, Essex.
  3. Mary Ann Hazell was born in 1840 in Wivenhoe, Essex.
  4. Elizabeth Ann Hazell was born in 1849 in Wivenhoe, Essex. She died in 1924 in Tendring, Essex, England.
  5. Sarah Ann Hazell was born in 1852 in Wivenhoe, Essex.
  6. James John Hazell was born in 1854 in Wivenhoe, Essex.
  7. John Hazell was born in 1857 in Wivenhoe, Essex.

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