Much more positive……

My post earlier today summed up how much I was struggling with the second part of the first TMA for AA100.  However, this evening, I am feeling much more positive.  I have 491 words of Part 2 and still have the in-text references to add.  It’s a good feeling, although how much of it I’ve written that makes sense is still debatable.  The joy of having 3 weeks left before it having to be submitted is that I have plenty of time to restructure, delete and add to the final draft plus I have another face-to-face tutorial before the cut-off date.

I’m going to be honest and say I still find analysing art and using the correct terminology difficult.  I understand what words like delineation, modelling, tone, picture space and picture plane mean but using them in a sentence is much more difficult than learning definitions.

I have discovered through writing this part of the TMA that I actually love writing essays.  I am enjoying my return to studying and look forward to reading the next chapter of the book.

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