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Can you ever stop?

My TNG tree currently stands at 1279 individuals with 236 families and 153 unique surnames.  My tree is barely a branch compared to others that I know of but a lot of hard work has gone into it.  I’ve spent countless hours in front of a computer screen piecing together each of the families, not to mention the time taken actually filling in the various data fields… My tree mostly consists of the traceable direct ancestors and their siblings so […]

Happy New Year!!

Where does the time go?  Here we are in 2012 and I’m still stuck in the 1800’s 😉 I’m hoping the next year will bring plenty of fruitful searches of various records being made available online, as well as trips to various Places of Worship, Cemeteries and Record Offices. I have already given the blog a makeover this year and have given myself a few goals to acheive this year.  However, whether they will be successful remains to be seen. […]