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Planning for the future…

I’m not the best at being consistent with my blog posts at the moment.  Real life is moving at a faster pace, the children are lovely and I’m finding more time for reading yet less time for writing.  I have also been thinking more and more about my future and what my descendants will say about me.  I don’t suppose our ancestors really thought about what we could say about them.  They lived in simpler times; times where the vast […]

What do you do?

A question that comes up frequently when meeting new people is the age old, What do you do?  Regardless of how well I plan my answer to the next person, I always stumble over my words.   Being a stay at home Mum to two young children (my boy is 6 while my girl is 2), my life revolves around them.  I don’t work in a conventional job and I spend my “spare” time writing.  I have written various blogs […]