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After a long absence…

I now feel ready to start blogging again.  I’m not sure how frequently. I’ve re-started my History degree… and, as you may have noticed I’ve posted the rather sketchy “study diary” that I started when AA100 started. So far, AA100 has proved interesting.  The trouble is, The Arts, doesn’t really appeal to me as a route to go down, however, I do enjoy classical studies and religious studies.  My first assignment was a 500 word essay on the relationship between […]

Struggling already?

I’m currently 3 weeks ahead of the course planner, allowing for half term (where I will have to take a week off because I have no childcare and two monkeys to look after) and the extra time it will take to write my assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed Cleopatra and Doctor Faustus but the chapter on Cezanne was one of the most boring I had ever come across.  I became bored and kept getting sidetracked by housework throughout the chapter.  I […]