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Surname Saturday : Weeks

Weeks, an English surname that is topographical and/or occupational, has been one I’ve enjoyed researching.  Interestingly, my Weeks I have (thanks to FreeREG) managed to follow the line back to Stowey, Somerset.  However, this is based on parish records already transcribed, there could still be more and the information is only as reliable as the information that has been uploaded. Thomas (the Younger) Weeks was buried in Stowey, Somerset on 21st February 1781.  His wife, Sarah, died 13 months earlier […]

How common is your surname?

How common is your surname? The fact is everybody will have a ‘common’ surname somewhere in their family tree.  I’m currently researching for those Welsh ancestors.  This branch is made very difficult by them having ‘common’ surnames. The top 20 surnames in Wales are: Jones (5.75) Williams (3.72) Davies (3.72) Evans (2.47) Thomas (2.43) Roberts (1.53) Lewis (1.53) Hughes (1.23) Morgan (1.16) Griffiths (0.96) Edwards (0.93) Smith (0.85) James (0.82) Rees (0.81) Jenkins (0.69) Owen (0.67) Price (0.67) Phillips (0.65) […]