A Return to Genealogy Blogging

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post here. To be honest, I only picked up my Family History Research again a few months ago. I have been so busy, what with the addition of a new member of the family, starting a business, the breakdown of my marriage and picking up where

Troublesome Tranters: Harriet’s Story Evaluating the Evidence Part One

In the third instalment of Troublesome Tranters: Harriet’s story, I’m going to be evaluating the evidence I already have for her. There are a fair few events surrounding Harriet, however, I’ve decided to concentrate on sources that are for specific events in Harriet’s life.  I will be evaluating the baptisms, marriages and burials of Harriet’s

Troublesome Tranters: Harriet’s Timeline

On Thursday, in the first installment of Troublesome Tranters, I introduced the brick wall of Harriet Tranter.  The second installment in the series is to create a timeline of significant events in Harriet’s life. The life of Harriet that I know of, is a short one and there are events that I’m not sure even

Troublesome Tranters: Harriet – Defining the Brick Wall

A while back I began an attempt to break down a brick wall… It’s still waiting on me ordering a certificate.  (And I’ve decided to concentrate on another branch of my tree.)  But this is the Troublesome Tranters:  My major and current bust that brick wall challenge. The Tranter line have been relatively easy to

On this Day: 1st August – The Burial of Robert BRUCE

It’s a miserable start to August this year.  It has done nothing but rain.  151 years ago, the weather seems to have been pretty much the same; strong winds and rain at times.[footnote] Source: https://digital.nmla.metoffice.gov.uk/file/sdb%3AdigitalFile|3c6c5fc2-b900-47b4-a1ad-9ad4750c0959/[/footnote] The weather would have fit the mood of the family of Robert BRUCE.  The funeral of the 78-year-old labourer from

Copyright Issues with BMD Certificates and Parish Records

While thinking about my next post, a though occurred to me… Am I breaking any copyright laws by publishing images of birth, marriage, death certificates here, on Walking with Ancestors?  And what about images of baptism, marriage and burial entries?  I decided to take a look at a few terms & conditions to see if

Who is William? Part 3a – Evaluating the Evidence

Step 3 of breaking down a brick wall is to re-evaluate the evidence collected so far and attempt to find the original records themselves. So, to begin I will start with the first event on William’s timeline. The birth of William Williams William was born on 7th February 1884. William was born in Porth, Glamorgan.

Family Tree Friday Five #2

Welcome to this week’s Family Tree Friday Five series. The Family Tree Friday Five series is a weekly round up of five of my favourite posts from other Genealogy bloggers. Each week I will list five posts I have enjoyed reading and feel deserve a share.  They may not necessarily be posts from the past

Useful Websites for Research (Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire)

Includes the English counties of Buckinghamshire, and Wiltshire. Genealogy has become so much more widely available as a hobby over the last decade.  10 years ago it was much harder to find ancestors prior to the start of civil registration than it is today. The most popular subscription sites contain 1000’s of parish records, although