Were my ancestors immigrants?

This post has been written as part of Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks series.  The prompt this week is ‘Old Country’.  The definition of Old Country, as given by Merriam Webster, is the original country of an immigrant.  This led me to a problem.  As far as I know (and my DNA

British Identity in the early 19th Century

The post you are about to read began as an assignment for my University degree. It has received a few tweaks here and there and will, no doubt, be expanded on in the coming years. The idea of national identity is nebulous.  It is an imagined construct created by shared, and often opposed, values and

Multiple Wives and a Newsworthy Scandal

This post has been written based on the Week 28 and week 29 prompts of Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks series.  The prompts for these weeks were Multiple and Newsworthy.  James Davidson fits the bill perfectly.   Read on to find out how. I first encountered James on the 1901 census.  He was

Attempting to trace the Evans’: Evaluating the evidence 2

It’s time for another instalment of the search for those pesky Evans’.  We have already discussed my challenges with the family, the basic timeline of the family.  And, last time, we examined the marriage certificate of Evan and Laura Roberts.  Today, we have the birth certificate for their oldest known child, Richard Morris Evans, my

John Spooner Pagett – The Will of a Gentleman

A few years back, I came across a will for my children’s ancestor, John Spooner Pagett.  I unintentionally stumbled across the will when looking for a different family. Still, I found myself heading down the rabbit hole of wills and probate records in the hope of finding some valuable information. John Spooner Pagett was born

Attempting to trace the Evans’: Evaluating the Evidence 1

Tracing the Evans’ has never been easy, and as I’m writing this introduction, I have no idea which piece of evidence to present to you first.  Evan Evans is my 4x great grandfather; he was born in Caernarvonshire around 1830.  He married Laura Roberts in 1862, and they had 4, possibly 5, sons that I

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: The Golden Wedding Anniversary

On the 23rd March 1970, Edward & Mary Hodges celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary together.  The couple even received a mention in the South Wales Echo. “Looking through their congratulatory cards are Mr Edward James Hodges, age 71, and his wife, Norah, aged 68, of Plas Road, Fleur-de-Lis, near Blackwood, who celebrated their golden wedding

Attempting to Trace the Evans’ Part 2: The Timeline

Part two of the Brick Wall challenge is to create a timeline.  Timelines are essential and, sometimes, they can help identify something you may have missed before.  Evan Evans, like many other nineteenth-century labourers in Wales, left a limited paper trail.  The working-class in Wales rarely left more than a Birth, Marriage or Death related

Genealogy Update: June 2020

Every month brings something new in terms of genealogy and family history research.  May has been a big one for me because I have been able to really pick up my research again.   I never realise how fond of it I am until I pick it back up after a long break. May Highlights I

Attempting to trace the Evans’: Part One

I have two Evans families in my paternal line.  One came down my father’s maternal line and were from Staffordshire and Worcestershire – they lived in villages that appear to have jumped between counties a lot. The second line comes from North Wales.  They have always played the part of the thorn in my side,