Chepstow Municipal Cemetery

Chepstow Municipal Cemetery

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When a feeling of sadness descends, I find a trip to a cemetery calming and today was no different.

I visited Chepstow Municipal Cemetery with the intention of finding 3 graves.  The first burial in the Old Cemetery was on 1st October 1857 of Henry Langley.  The graves that were of interest to me are much younger than this first burial.  The New Cemetery, on the opposite side of the road, contains burials from 1857.

Wandering around, rather aimlessly at first, I encountered an elderly gentleman visiting the grave of his wife and daughter.  We chatted for close to 30 minutes, providing company for each other.  He led an interesting life and I was astounded when he told me he is 85.  I didn’t ask his name, something I now regret.  When he headed for home, I continued my search.
Tilly (the toddler) appeared to know where to be going and led me to the first of the three graves I intended to find.  Introducing her to her grandfather, Bampy Davidson, we stood and I reflected for a while.  Somewhat comforted by the silence and solitude the cemetery offered.

The other graves should have been in the Old Cemetery.  The Old Cemetery isn’t laid out chronologically as the New Cemetery which made our search much more difficult.  The Sexton gave me a plan of the Cemetery and the records of burials to help me locate my missing graves.  Tilly got bored, I got frustrated, the clouds covered the sun.  I located the records of the burials and rough areas to search and checked the time.  No wonder Tilly was miserable; it was way past lunchtime (and naptime).  We had been wandering for 2 hours.

So, while I didn’t locate the graves I wanted, I did confirm that they are there so I’m taking the Mr with me on Saturday to help search the cemetery.