Social Media – Tweeting Genealogists

Social Media – Tweeting Genealogists

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As the number of records digitised and made available online grows family historians are looking for new ways to share information and collaborate with others. While there are sites like Ancestry, Find My Past and Genes Reunited, social media is becoming a main stream avenue to get yourself out there.


Social Media includes blogs, Facebook, twitter and the like.  One question always asked is “how can it benefit me?”


Introducing Tweeting Genealogists……


I first joined Twitter almost 2 years ago.  I was already blogging about my pregnancy and family life and it was one of those ‘well everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?’ things.  Other bloggers declared it increased their traffic; others spoke highly of the social interaction.

Since Walking with Ancestors came about I have found Twitter invaluable with many experienced researchers already tweeting there are always plenty of brains to pick.


So what are the benefits of tweeting about genealogy?


  • Members – Many experienced genealogists, family historians, archivists and general historians use Twitter.  Everyone has their own knowledge bank and there is never a shortage of helpful hints and tips to bash down that brick wall.
  • Hash tags – there are a number of hash tags used by genealogists such as #surnamesaturday, #genealogy and #familyhistory.  These hash tags are picked up by others interested in the subject providing an even larger pool of knowledge.
  • Lists – Twitter is a social media platform and if you don’t like the idea of creating an account simply for genealogy/family history you don’t have to.  Like Facebook, you can assign those you follow to a list.  For example “bloggers”, “genealogists” etc.  (However, don’t be fooled into thinking that someone is following you because you are following them.)
  • Publicity – Isn’t collaborating with your peers/relatives important in your research? You never know who may be using Twitter; that member you started following 18 months ago may be related or have further information on your family.  Isn’t it worth publicising your interests at no cost to you?


These are just four of the huge wealth of benefits available to Tweeting Genealogists.


If you decide to join Twitter, don’t forget to follow me, @WalkingAncestor.