Useful Websites for Research (Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Essex, Northamptonshire)

Useful Websites for Research (Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Essex, Northamptonshire)

Includes the English counties of Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Essex and Northamptonshire.

Genealogy has become so much more widely available as a hobby over the last decade.  10 years ago it was much harder to find ancestors prior to the start of civil registration than it is today.

The most popular subscription sites contain 1000’s of parish records, although it’s a bit of a mixed bag as to which records are available on an individual site.

Over the years I’ve found many useful websites that contain transcriptions of parish records that have enabled me to get back further than I could have imagined.

I’ve developed a short series on my favourite research resources.


Ravenstone Parish Registers 1568-1812 is a non-profit, free to use Internet Library.  There are many parish records available but the Ravenstone parish records have been a go to for me quite a few times.


Cornwall OPC

I have plenty of ancestors in Cornwall and Cornwall OPC has almost 3 million parish records available for you to search.


Essex and Suffolk Surnames

I am completely in awe of the work that has gone into this site.  It is phenomenal.  There are PDF’s of numerous parishes in Essex and Suffolk; as well as a great deal of other information about both counties.


Families of Ashton

This is one of my more recent discoveries.  It is the work of Norman Tew and is quite extensive in the amount of information it contains.  It isn’t just the parish of Ashton that is covered; there’s a whole host of family trees, parish studies and name studies.

Towcester Families

I’ve been using Towcester Families since the beginning of time.  Towcester Families is the amazing work of Mary Taylor.  It contains information about Towcester in general as well as notable people of Towcester and family trees.

Towcester & District Local History Society

Another site with a whole host of amazing information including Towcester parish records, Towcester people and places and the history of Towcester.

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