Family Tree Friday Five #1

Family Tree Friday Five #1

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Welcome to the first of my Family Tree Friday Five series.

The Family Tree Friday Friday series is a weekly round up of five of my favourite posts from other Genealogy bloggers. Each week I will list five posts I have enjoyed reading and need to share.  They may not necessarily be posts from the past week, but more than likely the past month.

So grab a seat and get ready for the first Friday Five.

In Memory of Murray Leonard: May 4, 1922-March 27, 2016

An enjoyable part of genealogy is finding cousins, no matter how distant; you begin to realise how important each of the twigs are.  Last month, Amy received the sad news that her mother’s first cousin had passed away.  She writes a wonderful tribute to Murray Leonard on her Brotmanblog.

Finished Family Line Questioned… Part II

Amie’s ‘finished’ family line is testament to how genealogy is never finished.  She thought she had it nailed but one small document changed everything.  That one small, seemingly irrelevant piece of paper has sent her on a whole new trail and a whole new branch of the family.

Oh My, Miss Mary Prince

Caitlin from Genealogically Speaking shared an intriguing story.  One of Caitlin’s relatives, Mary Alice Helena Prince, made the newspapers of her time for a court case where she was suing her ‘ex-fiance’.  I have to be honest, I love to read about skeletons in cupboards and love the flesh on the bones.  Stories like Mary’s really make us realise that the names, dates and places we research are all connected to real people.

Tracking Down Aunt Regina – Part 2

Ewen is on a trail to track down Aunt Regina.  It may be a difficult journey but the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together slowly but surely.  Genealogy is about more than the names, dates and places.  It’s about building the story of a person’s life.  Ewan is doing just that!

Mending Broken Branches in Your Family Tree

Of all the posts I have read this week, Jen’s post has been the one that has crept into my thoughts most frequently.  The story of finding out about her half sister and discovering a rift between past generations of her family.  I hope that Jen’s Miller cousins do read her post and get in touch.  Families aren’t perfect, but the current generations can maybe heal the rifts formed in the past.

That’s this week’s Family Tree Friday Five wrapped up.  I hope you enjoyed reading through my favourite posts of the past week.

Please join me again next week for five more brilliant posts.