Family Tree Friday Five #2

Family Tree Friday Five #2

Welcome to this week’s Family Tree Friday Five series.

The Family Tree Friday Five series is a weekly round up of five of my favourite posts from other Genealogy bloggers. Each week I will list five posts I have enjoyed reading and feel deserve a share.  They may not necessarily be posts from the past week, but more than likely the past month.

So grab a seat and get ready for this weeks Friday Five.

School Snack Picture: Family Collectibles Identified

Vera runs through 3 family collectibles that appeared together in a photograph used within another post on her blog about Peanut butter cookies.  The items each hold cherished memories for her.

Bartholomew Oliver’s Master Mariner Certificate

Mariners can be incredibly difficult to trace; I know first hand with generations of mariners to try and research.  Jake shares his triumph at fleshing out Bartholomew Oliver’s seafaring life with the discovery of his Master Mariner Certificate.

When you don’t know their name

The post that gave me most food for thought this week is Barbara’s When You Don’t Know Their Name.  The idea for the post came from a discussion on the RootsMagic Facebook page about HOW to document an ancestor if you don’t know their name.  I had never thought about alternative ways before (I use UNKNOWN); however, Barbara brought up the issue of an ancestor’s name actually being ‘Unknown’…  What do you think?

The Mystery of Jenkin Williams

Heather’s post about a family mix up that meant her tree was incorrect.  A simple comment on one of her posts pointed out her error.  The discovery led on to a whole new journey of discovery of the well documented family of the mysterious Jenkin Williams.

Grandpa Lange’s Bible and New Mysteries

I always feel incredibly envious when I hear of other genealogist’s family bibles.  I know of one in our family, the very family of my brick wall William Williams, but unfortunately no-one knows it’s whereabouts.  However, Schalene Dagutis was given Grandpa Lange’s bible and found some interesting facts but also came across a bit of a mystery in the process.

That’s this week’s Family Tree Friday Five wrapped up.  I hope you enjoyed reading through my favourite posts of the past week.

Please join me again next week for five more brilliant posts.