Who is William? – Part 3b – Evaluating William’s Marriage

Who is William? – Part 3b – Evaluating William’s Marriage

I’m on a mission to find William.  A few weeks ago I introduced him and the core reasons he is one of my biggest brick walls.  Last week I began evaluating the evidence I already have.  This week is going to build on that.

Today, I’m focusing on the next event I have on William’s timeline.   His marriage, wife, and children.

William and Harriett’s Marriage

William Williams and Harriett Ann Weeks married on 14th September 1903 in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire.

The only evidence I have of this at the moment is a transcription from Find My Past.

Groom: William Williams
Age: 22
Father: William Williams

Bride: Harriett Ann Weeks
Age: 19
Father: William Williams

Parish: Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire

Source:  Find My Past Monmouthshire Marriages Transcription

There is already a huge problem with the transcription… Note the name of the father of the bride.  As a result, how much can I assume is correct with the transcription?

It also does not give the details of occupations, residences, nor witnesses.  Each of those facts could provide a vital clue.

I did speak to my Nan about the marriage certificate today… Nan is sure that one of the witnesses was a ‘Mathews’.  The Mathews family belong to Harriett’s mother, Selina.

I do need to get hold of the marriage certificate to confirm but I don’t particularly want to pay for it again if my Mum does already own it.

Harriett Ann Weeks

Harriett was born in 1886 in Ogmore, Glamorgan. She was the daughter of Jonah Weeks and Selina Mathews.

In 1891, Harriett was living with her parents in Rock Terrace, Ynysybwl, Glamorgan (within the parish of Llanwonno).

In 1901, the family were living in Railway Side, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan.

William and Harriett’s Children

William and Harriett possibly had 9 children.  I know of one who wasn’t living at the time of the 1911 census but haven’t managed to confirm who this was yet.

The children I definitely know of are:

  • Irene May Williams             Apr-Jun 1905 Bedwellty
  • Albert William Williams Apr-Jun 1906 Bedwellty
  • Ivor Williams 14 Mar 1908  Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire
  • Edith Florence Williams Oct-Dec 1909 Bedwellty
  • Clifford Williams Jul-Sep 1914 Bedwellty
  • Rowland Williams Apr-Jun 1918 Bedwellty
  • Reginald Williams Oct-Dec 1919 Bedwellty

The final one I’m not too sure on and that is

  • Llewella M Williams Apr-Jun 1915 Bedwellty

I need the 1921 census to confirm each of these.

Questions Raised

  • Is the age of the bride and groom correct on the marriage certificate? I probably need to take this into consideration.
  • Is Llewella a child of William and Harriett? If so, where did the name come from.  It isn’t a very common forename.

I’m hoping that my Mum does indeed have the marriage certificate… Otherwise I’ll have to order it myself.

Next week, I’ll be evaluating the 1911 census and the 1939 Register.

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