Troublesome Tranters: Harriet – Defining the Brick Wall

Troublesome Tranters: Harriet – Defining the Brick Wall

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A while back I began an attempt to break down a brick wall… It’s still waiting on me ordering a certificate.  (And I’ve decided to concentrate on another branch of my tree.)  But this is the Troublesome Tranters:  My major and current bust that brick wall challenge.

The Tranter line have been relatively easy to research in the majority of cases.  Tranter isn’t that common a name in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.  Chances are, all the Tranter families in Abergavenny are related.

I have recently begun attempting to trace the Tranter families collaterally.

Welcome, then, to my Troublesome Tranters.  There’s a few of them that seem to be causing me a problem, but I’ll start with Harriet Tranter.

Why is Harriet a brick wall?

Well, she seems to vanish after the 1841.

I’m currently waiting on a marriage certificate from 1847 that will hopefully be the marriage of Harriet and give me her married name. I have a choice of John Edmunds, John Jones (2 of them) or Rees Phillips.

What I know about Harriet

Harriet was baptised in 1827 at St Marys in Abergavenny.  She was the daughter of Thomas Tranter and Margaret Smith (although this isn’t confirmed by myself).

She lived with her family in Cross Street, Abergavenny in 1841.


Cross Street, Abergavenny Source:

In 1846 there is a reference in the Monmouthshire Merlin to a Harriet Tranter being sentenced to one-month hard labour.  The following year there is an entry in the England and Wales Criminal Registers of a Harriet Tranter being found not guilty of larceny.  Although, I can’t confirm that either of these are the Harriet I want.

In the 4th quarter of 1847 there is a marriage registration for Harriet Tranter in Abergavenny and I’m hoping that when the certificate arrives it will go some way to solving the brick wall.

What I want to know about Harriet

There are a few things I would like to try and confirm throughout the journey of solving this brick wall.

  • Is the Harriet mentioned in the Monmouthshire Merlin ‘my’ Harriet?
  • Is the Harriet referred to in the Criminal Registers ‘my’ Harriet?
  • Who did Harriet marry? John Jones, John Jones, John Edmunds or Rees Phillips?
  • Where did Harriet go after her marriage in 1847?

Featured Image Source: Abergavenny Street Survey

Harriet’s relationship to me:

  • Harriet TRANTER is the daughter of
  • Thomas TRANTER, who is the brother of
  • David TRANTER, who is the father of
  • William TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Edgar Samuel TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Percy Howard TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Living TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Living TRANTER, who is the mother of
  • Me

Harriet is my cousin 5x removed.

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