Attempting to trace the Evans’: Evaluating the evidence 2

Attempting to trace the Evans’: Evaluating the evidence 2

It’s time for another instalment of the search for those pesky Evans’.  We have already discussed my challenges with the family, the basic timeline of the family.  And, last time, we examined the marriage certificate of Evan and Laura Roberts.  Today, we have the birth certificate for their oldest known child, Richard Morris Evans, my great great grandfather.

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Richard Morris Evans was born on 2nd April 1863 at Tynycoed, Maentwrog.  His parents were Evan Evans, an agricultural labourer, and Laura Evans, formerly Roberts.  His father registered his birth on 16th April 1863. 

Interestingly, Richard is the only child of Evan and Laura who had a middle name.  The other children were Edward, Evan, and Robert.  I believe there may have been another Evan too but have yet to confirm this suspicion.

As with the previous evidence post, I’m going to run through each of the columns one at a time. 


I already know that Evan and Laura’s fathers were called Evan and Robert.  It is possible that Richard’s grandmothers provided his middle name of Morris.   This needs looking into.  Exactly how popular was Morris as a forename at the time?  It’s the only mention of it I’ve found anywhere within my tree.

Date and place of birth

Richard’s date of birth doesn’t tell me anything except he was born a few a little over five months after his parent’s marriage the previous October.  His place of birth, however, more than likely gives us the location of Evan and Laura’s first marital home.  Ty’n y Coed, Maentwrog.  Now, here comes the tricky bit because I have located Ty’n y Coed on a late nineteenth-century map, but I can’t do so on a modern one. Maybe an OS map would help.

Parents & Father’s Occupation

Naming Evan Evans and Laura Roberts as Richard’s parents is expected and the information that Evan was an agricultural labourer at the time isn’t anything groundbreaking.  This information confirms earlier information. 


As I come to the end of the analysis of the certificate, I have several things I need to action or research.  These are:

  1. Find a modern OS Map of Maentwrog to find Ty’n y Coed.
  2. Research the popularity of Morris as both a forename and a surname.

This just about sums up the information contained in the birth certificate of my great great grandfather.  I could potentially have a lead on the identity of one or other of the grandmothers. However, I’m not planning on holding my breath. 

If you think I have missed something, please let me know. 

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