Attempting to Trace the Evans’ Part 2: The Timeline

Attempting to Trace the Evans’ Part 2: The Timeline

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Part two of the Brick Wall challenge is to create a timeline.  Timelines are essential and, sometimes, they can help identify something you may have missed before. 

Evan Evans, like many other nineteenth-century labourers in Wales, left a limited paper trail.  The working-class in Wales rarely left more than a Birth, Marriage or Death related record unless they achieved something great, or did something notorious.

Please note: I haven’t included any references with this post, see later posts where I ‘evaluate the evidence’.

So, it’s time to move onto the timeline.

1830/1831 – Evan Evans was born in Caernarvonshire according to the 1871 census.  I only have him on this census and have no guarantee that he was indeed born in Caernarvonshire.  And each of the documents I have about him says different.

1836 – Laura (or Lowry) Roberts was born at Trawsfynydd, near Ffestiniog. 

1862 – Evan Evans married Laura Roberts on 23rd October at Bethesda Chapel, Ffestiniog. He was a labourer living at Tyisaf, Ffestiniog, while Laura lived at Llwyn-y-gell, Ffestiniog.      

1863 – Birth of son, Richard Morris Evans, on 2nd April at Tyn-y-Coed, Maentwrog.

1865 – Birth of son, Edward Evans in Maentwrog – I don’t have Edward’s birth certificate so can’t clarify anything.

1867 – Baptism of a possible son, Evan Evans, on 20th December at Ffestiniog.  This baptism is on Find My Past and, despite the parents being Evan and Laura/Lowry, I can’t confirm it is mine.

1870 – Baptism of a son, Evan Evans, on 7th January at Ffestiniog.  Again, I found this baptism on Find My Past, and I am relatively confident that it does belong to this family, although I can’t confirm.

1871 – The family were living in Pant Llwyd, Ffestiniog.  The details are:

Evan EvansHeadMar41LabourerCaernarvonshire
Lowry EvansWifeMar35Labourer’s WifeTrawsfynydd
Richard EvansSon8ScholarMaentwrog
Edward EvansSon6Maentwrog
Evan EvansSon1Festiniog
1871 Census Transcription for Evan, Laura, Richard, Edward and Evan.

1872 – Birth of son, Robert Evans at Ffestiniog.  I don’t have Robert’s birth certificate so I can’t confirm any further details.

1875 – Evan Evans died on 24th May at Cwmorthin Slate Quarry from a fall off a bridge.  The inquest was held on the 27th May at Ffestiniog which called a verdict of ‘accidental death’.  There are newspaper reports that confirm a few facts, but I have not yet found a burial for Evan which I can assume happened between 27th May and 5th June 1875. But more on that in a later post.

I could expand this timeline, but that would require me already having the information.  I may need to refer back to the timeline at various points throughout the evaluation of evidence.

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