Genealogy Update: June 2020

Genealogy Update: June 2020

  • Genealogy Update: June 2020

Every month brings something new in terms of genealogy and family history research.  May has been a big one for me because I have been able to really pick up my research again.   I never realise how fond of it I am until I pick it back up after a long break.

May Highlights

I finally traced William Williams. I previously posted in 2016 about my hunt for William.  He’s my great great grandfather and had given me the run around for years.  The release of the 1939 Register provided the breakthrough I needed.  It helped me find his birth certificate and in turn trace his line back further.   

I found a removal order for the Holgate family from Colne, Lancashire to Marsden in Yorkshire. Seeing the original removal order was quite a thrill for me and gave me another lead to follow up.

The marriage certificate Albert Comley and Mary Ann Christophers finally arrived and it confirmed her father for me. It was great and will mean I can continue the line back another generation.

Updated in May

How common is your surname?

Surnames are the first impression of your ancestors you receive. Sometimes, they can be geographical, occupational, or patronymic.

The BMD Registers: What are they and how do you search them?

Researching your family history is rewarding and exciting. Discovering where your family originate from provides a feeling.

Surname Interests

I have compiled a list and created a document of my surname interests up to and including 31st May 2020.  If you would like to view it please click here.

That’s all for June’s update.  Catch up with me at the same time next month and if you would like these updates directly to your inbox you can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Posted in May

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